Chocolate Art

Austrian master pastry chef, master chocolatier and chocolate artist Gerhard Petzl presents his acclaimed artistic masterpieces. Exploring new paths in creative chocolate work, Gerhard’s chocolate art is unique worldwide. His masterful artistry brings chocolate sculptures, chocolate paintings and chocolate art into the public eye. With his creative skill and artisan technique in chocolate art, Gerhard has won 8 gold medals and more than 25 awards, including the Gold Medal at the Culinary Olympics in Berlin. Explore the sweet world of Gerhard’s chocolate art.

A new website of Gerhard Petzl and his chocolate art, chocolate crystals, chocolate sculptures, chocolate body paintings etc. are available from 1st of August 2016 on:

Chocolate Sculptures

As a certified master sculptor and chocolate artist, Gerhard devotes a great deal of his life to chocolate sculptures. Combining centuries-old artisan techniques from both his sculpting and culinary backgrounds, he invests the time and dedication necessary to develop precision artwork according to his own drafts or desired concepts. Unlike other artists, Gerhard hand-carves his chocolate sculptures out of massive chocolate blocks instead of simply casting his forms. He continues to astound by treading new paths in chocolate art using experimental techniques and the expert knowledge of his material that he’s acquired over the years. Have a look at Gerhard’s chocolate sculptures.

Chocolate Body Painting

Gerhard’s Chocolate Body Painting is a globally unique art form that presents chocolate art at its finest, turning the human body into a single, luscious sculpture. As a Master Pastry Chef classically trained in Austria with experience in some of the world’s preeminent hotels, Gerhard creates breathtaking artwork on the skin using masterful artisan techniques and the finest chocolate. Years of worldwide travel and experience with other cultures have left their mark on Gerhard’s style, emphasizing the universal and bringing a wide variety of colors, ornaments, patterns, floral forms, historic elements and more to his artwork. His compelling Chocolate Body Painting is an unforgettably sweet festival for the senses! Explore the sweet world of Gerhard’s chocolate body painting.

Sugar Sculptures

Gerhard originally began creating sugar sculptures out of gelatin sugar while working as a Pastry Chef for international 5-Star hotels. As he continued to develop his creative skill, master artisan confectionary work began to melt with the artistic eye of a sculptor, and his sugar sculptures began to take on entirely new forms and structural surfaces. Because gelatin sugar is relatively robust compared with other materials, sugar sculptures can easily be created both in exotic environments as well as in exceptional dimensions. View Gerhard’s collection of sugar sculptures.