2005 - The 8th International Culinary Art Exhibition in Warth, Austria

September 06th, 2006 • Permanent Link

The Austrian Alps provided a dramatic natural backdrop for the 8th International Culinary Art Exhibition in Warth in Lower Austria. Chefs and artists from several different countries met to show their expertise in various culinary disciplines.

Gerhard created a world-class showpiece for the occasion. His life-size chocolate “Girl Fishing” – sitting comfortably on the table grinning – was the attraction of the show. On her fishing rod hung a chocolate fish, freshly caught from a chocolate pond, which occasionally swung on the end of the rod. Visitors were delighted by the sight (particularly since they were unable to explain the motion!).

In addition to this remarkable demonstration of craftsmanship, Gerhard presented several other chocolate sculptures. His Chinese luck dragon was a masterpiece in precision and carving technique. Chocolate tree-bark sculptures and an imitation wood wedge amazed onlookers as well, since they had never seen the technique before and the choice of nature-themed sculptures was especially appropriate for presentation in this countryside landscape.

In addition to the exhibit, Gerhard was invited to give an interview in English on the Morning Show at FM4, a national radio station. The interview covered the exhibition as well as Gerhard’s sculptures and his unique combination of sculpting techniques and master confectionery skill.

Much to the delight of the organization and the international jury of the competition, Gerhard made use of an international network of artists to bring in an Australian chocolate artist who shook his head in disbelief after seeing Gerhard’s attention to detail first hand. All agreed that they had never seen anything like Gerhard’s meticulous, first-rate chocolate work.

All in all, the show was a display of top-notch culinary ability that offered something for everyone, from chocolate art to margarine sculptures, pieces on every topic from the underwater world to Bambi, live sugar pulling, fruit carving, live “Asian” cooking, ice sculpting competitions and the presence of the Austrian National Culinary Team.

The pictures from the exhibition include all four days, including a rodeo-riding cook and the completely exhausted gold-medal-winning chef, who unfortunately fell asleep just as the winners were to be honored. (Sweet Sculptures gives him an extra round of applause, as we support both his good will and his dedication!)

Gerhard left the show with 5 awards. He greatly enjoyed the opportunity to present his extraordinary sculptures – usually the objects of exhibitions in cosmopolitan cities such as New York and Frankfurt – in his own native country.

The 8th International Culinary Art Exhibition in Warth: