2005 - Thesis Project for the Master’s School of Art and Design

September 06th, 2006 • Permanent Link

Topic: “Globalization – the Journey to the Inner Self“

An Interview with the Artist:

For his thesis project, Gerhard chose to realize his thoughts on the topic of “globalization” in a very personal way, since his own life is “globalized”. Gerhard, tell us about your idea for this project.

GP: Since I was 3, I have spent some part of each year in another country. As of now, I have had the pleasure to have lived in or visited 30 of this world’s countries. However, the more I see of the world, the more I feel the need to turn inwards, to find the impressions I have collected inside myself. Outwardly, you see the world as it seems, and inwardly, you find it as it is, in its essence.

I invite my viewers to join me on my “Journey to the Inner Self”.

The Project:

A bronze statue is standing on the floor. 85 kilograms of chocolate are applied to the sculpture and formed into the shape of a body builder. When the chocolate sculpture is finished, the chocolate is melted away, revealing the bronze statue. The chocolate, therefore, serves as a human shell that disconnects from its inner self through time, and eventually falls away.

During the building of the chocolate sculpture, one can see me in the pictures. During the melting phase, however, I am absent. What remains is the core, which, through the bronze material, will outlive me through the next several thousand years.

The presentation of the pictures of the application of the chocolate sculpture, the completion and the melting process were accompanied by a piece of music I composed called “Global Medley”. The music is a composition of parts of around 20 different pieces of music, including several pieces I myself recorded with a microphone. Global Medley begins with a Rock-and-Roll piece, since Rock-and-Roll played an important role in globalization beginning in the 60’s with the Americanization of Europe. The Medley also includes an Indian man I interviewed at the airport in Graz, Austria, as well as a Serb, who tells of his life and an Egyptian dish washer living as a “Guest Worker” in Austria, who thanks Allah in Arabic. Each of these people has left their home lands, themselves becoming a part of globalization.

My final presentation was given in Spanish, English and German, in order to emphasize and do justice to the multicultural togetherness of our time.

Model and Plans:

Clay and Wax Model:

Bronze Sculpture:


Body Builder:

Melting Process:

Clay and Wax Models:

Production Time: ca. 300 hours

The Bronze Statue:

Production Time: ca. 100 hours

Measurements: 85 x 18 x 16 cm / 33 x 7 x 6 inches

Weight: 15 kilograms / 33 pound

Material: polished bronze

Location: Graz, Austria

The Music:

Production Time: ca. 40 hours

A composition of over 20 pieces of music and self-created recordings.


It is night, dark, and pleasantly still, but still it is bright and alarmingly shrill. You look and yet you do not see, and still it simply comes to be. One speaks of misgivings and nonsense and fury, but in the end we all go along demurely. Finally we find ourselves there again, and we don’t even really want to leave, and then, one turns back home, is on one’s own soil and has had enough unending toil.
One then turns inward, is fully there, in the moment, the being, completely aware.