2007 - The Chocolate Woman - Galileo - PRO7, Germany

August 24th, 2007 • Permanent Link

German television station PRO7 presented Gerhard with an exciting challenge when they requested that he carve a life-size woman from a massive block of chocolate within 48 hours – in front of rolling cameras. The producers asked – is it doable? Gerhard took the challenge on and got to work …

Model and Plans:

Block Production:



Behind the Scenes:

The Next Day:

Finally the movie on ‘Galileo’ was with the project ‘Chocolate woman’ the most seen Clip of the year, the producer told Gerhard.

180 kg (397 lbs.) of couverture
(160 kg. white chocolate, 20 kg. of dark chocolate, all from the craftsman chocolate maker Callebaut)

1.82 m (ca. 6 ft.)

Preparation time:
18 hrs. (general prep., including drawing plans)

Block preparation time:
5 hrs.

Carving time:
22 hrs.