2008 - Center Stage Exhibition at the First Paderborn Chocolate Festival, Germany

November 09th, 2008 • Permanent Link

22,000 visitors in 3 days − the exhibition was a great success!

Number of sculptures: 21

Exhibition dates:  2008, October 23.-26.

Gerhard′'s exhibition „ilovechocolate.at“ in the historic City Hall took center stage at the First Paderborner Chocolate Festival. More than 22,000 visitors stormed through the exhibition in three days, leaving Gerhard to catch his breath between guided tours. 21 remarkable chocolate sculptures were presented during the exhibition making it the world’s largest single-artist chocolate art exhibition. Gerhard showed his most extraordinary pieces, for example the famed 285-pound, life-sized “Sexy Lady”, known best from her appearances in TV portraits on German television stations PRO7 and 3sat. Other objects included the abstract “Composition 1”, a 13-century shoe, a lady’s stylized wooden shoe and the world premier of “Asian Mask”, a double-mask made of chocolate and bronze that expressed the transience of the material. Wooden rinds, sky scrapers, an Egyptian temple cat, the sentinels of the Book of Wisdom and other never before seen chocolate artworks amazed visitors. Alongside the exhibition, Gerhard displayed a multimedia presentation including a mix of pictures of body painting performances, sugar sculptures, chocolate carving workshops, videos and more. In addition to “ilovechocolate.at”, Gerhard accompanied other parts of the festival with various live performances. While the Mayor of Paderborn opened the festival with a speech on the City Hall Square, Gerhard delighted visitors with a live body painting performance using a chocolate model. The evening gastronomic event included a gourmet chocolate dinner and was accompanied by Gerhard’s hand-embellishment of the Paderborn chocolate pillar. Gerhard was especially pleased that his live art and his exhibition contributed significantly to the event exceeding the city’s expectations, making the Festival an absolute success and assuring its continuation. Thanks to all the Chocoholics that visited in Paderborn!