2008 - The World’s Largest Chocolate Santa, Germany

December 01st, 2008 • Permanent Link

Height: 3,65 m

Width:  1,55 m

Chocolate:  180 kg

Preparation time: 3 days

Location: Wergona Chocolate Manufactory, Wernigerode


Model and Plans:

Body Construction:


Chocolate Work:

Decorating and Finishing:

In just 3 days, Gerhard broke the previous record from 2003 for the World’s Largest Chocolate Santa – without help! The German television station PRO7 accompanied the project for their show Galileo, and the camera teams filmed everything, making sure that Gerhard’s work was his alone and no pre-made parts were used. The show was broadcast on December 5, 2008 and Gerhard’s excerpt can be accessed here at ForeverArt.at under the “Press/Awards” link.

3.65 meters high, 1.55 meters wide and 180 kg of chocolate (that’s 12 ft. high, 5 ft. wide, 397 lbs.). This new record was set in just 72 hours and was a sensational break of the previous record (a Chocolate Santa 2.59 meters high, 1.27 meters wide using 130 kg of chocolate – 8.5 ft. high, 4.2 ft. wide, 287 lbs.). Naturally, work under pressure like this takes personal sacrifice – when the project was finished, Gerhard’s hands were blistered, he had slept 8 hours total in 3 days and had lost 4 kg (9 lbs)! But he had set his goal and was determined to achieve it.

Part of the fun of the project was its conception: Gerhard was determined to build Santa using outside only chocolate and – in order to finish the project on time, an interior made of things he could easily obtain: cardboard boxes for the body, styrofoam for the arms. Even his own winter comforter went into Santa’s sack to make it fatter. This basic structure was then covered in fabric to provide a surface for the chocolate to hang on to. First came milk chocolate as Santa’s main ingredient, then Gerhard added red chocolate using an airbrush technique for Santa’s sack and hat. Next, Santa’s beard and eyebrows as well as the edges of his coat were brushed in creamy white chocolate. And finally, Gerhard piped on the last details – the decorative pattern on Santa’s coat – by hand.
Thanks so much to the sponsors: Wergona, Hagebau and Gardemann for supporting this project.

Gerhard Petzl’s Records:

· The World’s Largest Sugar Bird – 2006
· The World’s Largest Chocolate Santa – 2008

With this record, Gerhard wishes the world a wonderful, peaceful and sweet Christmas celebration!