2012 - Magnum Gold Sculpture, Jakarta, Indonesia

September 28th, 2012 • Permanent Link

Within one week Gerhard created an oversized ice-cream lolly with pleasurable items on top coming out of it. A selection of self-created chocolate handbags, shoes, crowns, tiaras, a mask and pearl chains were added to the masterpiece and covered in gold at the end.

Event: Magnum Gold product launch and VIP party hosted by Unilever Corporation
Location: Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia, West Mall, 6th Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia
Hosts: Celebrity Chantal Della Concetta, Magnum Brand Manager Oky Andries, Master Chocolatier Gerhard Petzl
Celebrity factor: Very high! Stars and celebrities from all over Indonesia and Australia were invited and around 30 photographers were present
Sculpture Dimension: approx. 2m height, 60 cm width



Press launch:

VIP party and Magnum team:

After arriving in Jakarta, my contact person introduced me to the great local food specialties, which are quite spicy for my taste buds but full of interesting flavours.

Next day, start of work and the place was a spacious, modern kitchen which is usually used as a cooking school kitchen and equipped with everything you need.
My assistant and me, we started working at 8 a.m. - for about 10-14 hours a day and the room temperature was all right so far - in the beginning. The next day, for a reason I do not know, we had around 28 degrees Celsius inside and we sweated like crazy but couldn’t stop our tasks as we had a tight schedule to complete the artwork. Overnight, they managed to organise a mobile air condition which was connected to my kitchen on the second floor with a long cable and a cooling tube to a generator which stood outside at the street on ground level. They could not add another aircon to the existing kitchen as it would have blown the inhouse power board due to the over-use of power lines. Well, as we say in German: Who does a journey, has some stories to tell…

We finalised the workshop period at the event location in a big shopping mall. While spraying the artwork in the hallway with golden colour, I messed the whole place nicely… We finished this huge piece on time and in the end, we were all happy as it was another successful project.

Before the show, in a Magnum Gold Video Workshop an official video with Gerhard doing the artwork was produced. This video and another official Magnum Gold video made for the TV advertising campaign by Hollywood director Bryan Singer with the famous actor Benicio del Toro starring, were presented at the opening ceremony.
This ceremony was organised as a great presentation show: On stage, the lolly artwork was presented in a beautiful custom-made safe, with security guys rolling the piece of art out of the huge safe – before the eyes of countless media representatives and accompanied by a laser- and smoke show.

Overall impression: Nice skyline view, great team and organisers, cool live and DJ music afterwards - and lots of ice cream!
Jakarta itself is crowded, polluted and has a busy atmosphere, beside the endless traffic jams which make it hard to be on time anywhere during day. No proper transportation system like subway but on the other hand, the people, the food and the culture are great and interesting, not to speak of the vibrant night life and modern Clubs. It is the perfect blend of old traditions, simplicity and uprising new Yuppie class. Interesting city.

Time: Pre-preparation time: 1 week
Local working time: 4 days with local assistant Jose Siantro.