2015 - TV-Clip ‘Abenteuer Leben’ chocolate bust, Germany

December 21st, 2015

For a german TV station Gerhard created out of a solid block milk chocolate a carved chocolate sculpture of moderator Kathy Weber, and that in front of rolling cameras. He also showcased an impressive variety of chocolate decoration items in several techniques and colours to bring out most, related to the series name "Adventure Life", where the sculpture was shown then. After completion Kathy enjoyed seeing her self-portrait in such a sweet medium!

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2014 - Chocolate Festival ‘chocolART’, Wernigerode, Germany

November 01st, 2014

One chocolate festival and three live-actions done by Gerhard. A live-performance with chocolate body paintings on two models at the same time (world premiere), two chocolate workshops at the Academy Überlingen and a charity event for the good cause, in that case for the children's hospital cancer station.

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2013 - TV Today’s Show, Sydney, Australia

March 31st, 2013

On Easter Sunday 2013, Gerhard, or the “Master of Chocolate” as Channel 9 called him, was invited to the studio to present his impressive and unique chocolate art to Australia. Gerhard presented a selection of artworks like an body painting on a male torso, 3 fine-art high-heel shoes, a set of glasses, chocolate bottles, a giant solid chocolate cake, branches, leaves and the whole table was delicately hand-decorated. 

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2013 - Royal Feast Chocolate Table, Hong Kong, China

March 03rd, 2013

A 5 m long table was set up as a royal feast baroque dinner table, showing cakes, as they looked at that time, parfaits, different breads, fruit stands, various crystal bottles, sugar bowls, a variation of glasses, plates with underliners, folded napkins with embossed logos and cutlery sets with ornaments – all made of chocolate.

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2012 - Magnum Gold Sculpture, Jakarta, Indonesia

September 28th, 2012

An ice-cream lolly shaped two metres tall artwork with pleasurable items on top coming out of it. Sprinkled with a selection of self-created chocolate handbags, shoes, crowns, tiaras, a mask and pearl chains were added to the masterpiece and covered in gold at the end.

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2012 - World Chocolate Masters, Sydney, Australia

May 27th, 2012

As Gerhard was one of the 5 best Australian Chocolatiers and a finalist at the National Selection of the "World Chocolate Masters 2012" competition, he had to create various masterpieces related to the theme: "Architecture of Taste". 

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2009 - Award Winning Gingerbread House, Salt Lake City, USA

November 30th, 2009

Working 10 days, 12 hours a day, Gerhard created a truly masterpiece out of gingerbread. A multi tiered Victorian styled miniature house. And all the hard work got rewarded afterwards, winning the ‘1st Grand Hotel Gingerbread House Competition’ in Salt Lake City! He also received $ 1400.- donated by ‘Galileo processing’ which was transferred to the Diabetes Research Foundation afterwards. Many thanks for the great donation!

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2008 - The World’s Largest Chocolate Santa, Germany

December 01st, 2008

In just 3 days, Gerhard broke the previous record from 2003 for the World’s Largest Chocolate Santa – without help! The German television station PRO7 accompanied the project for their show Galileo, and the camera teams filmed everything, making sure that Gerhard’s work was his alone and no pre-made parts were used.

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2008 - Center Stage Exhibition at the First Paderborn Chocolate Festival, Germany

November 09th, 2008

Gerhard′s exhibition „ilovechocolate.at“ in the historic City Hall took center stage at the First Paderborner Chocolate Festival. More than 22,000 visitors stormed through the exhibition in three days, leaving Gerhard to catch his breath between guided tours.
21 remarkable chocolate sculptures were presented during the exhibition making it the world’s largest single-artist chocolate art exhibition. 

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2007 - The Yoga Lady - ChocoVienna 2007, Austria

October 01st, 2007

Gerhard produced this life-size sculpture of a woman trying to achieve a yoga position exclusively for the Choco Vienna 2007 event. 130 kg of chocolate were crafted in 120 working hours into an impressive, one-of-a-kind sculpture. As part of Vienna’s 8th annual “Lange Nacht der Museen” (an open house gala of the city’s museums), Gerhard worked on the sculpture live on location at the Palais Niederösterreich. 

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2007 - The Chocolate Woman - Galileo - PRO7, Germany

August 24th, 2007

German television station PRO7 presented Gerhard with an exciting challenge when they requested that he carve a life-size woman from a massive block of chocolate within 48 hours – in front of rolling cameras. The producers asked – is it doable? Gerhard took the challenge on and got to work …

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2006 - Sugar Eagle, Gießen by Frankfurt, Germany

September 07th, 2006

In mid-May 2006, Gerhard received an unusual request: Andrea Knobloch, an artist in Düsseldorf, Germany, contacted him saying she needed a Pastry Chef to create a giant eagle out of sugar for an exhibition she was planning. Pastry Chefs she had contacted in Germany and Switzerland claimed it couldn’t be done. Gerhard’s extensive experience in creating sugar sculptures gave him a clear advantage, and he was confident that he could find a solution to this challenge of gravity…

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2005 - Thesis Project for the Master’s School of Art and Design

September 06th, 2006

A bronze statue is standing on the floor. 85 kilograms of chocolate are applied to the sculpture and formed into the shape of a body builder. When the chocolate sculpture is finished, the chocolate is melted away, revealing the bronze statue. The chocolate, therefore, serves as a human shell that disconnects from its inner self through time, and eventually falls away.
My final presentation was given in Spanish, English and German, in order to emphasize and do justice to the multicultural togetherness of our time.

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2005 - The 8th International Culinary Art Exhibition in Warth, Austria

September 06th, 2006

The Austrian Alps provided a dramatic natural backdrop for the 8th International Culinary Art Exhibition in Warth in Lower Austria. Chefs and artists from several different countries met to show their expertise in various culinary disciplines.

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2004 - The Chocolate Show, New York City, USA

September 05th, 2006

November 10-15, 2004. “Sweetsculptures.at by Gerhard Petzl” was the only European exhibitor at the 7th Annual Chocolate Show in New York City, a three-day festival devoted entirely to the sweet, sensuous, creamy world of chocolate. The show surprised and delighted 30,000 chocolate lovers of all ages with chocolate tastings, leading chocolate makers and the world’s best in chocolate artistry.

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2004 - Chocolate advertising column in Graz, Austria

August 28th, 2006

“Temporal Art”, a project organized by the Künstlerhaus (“Artists’ House”) in Graz, Austria, becomes the platform for Gerhard’s many-dimensioned artwork telling the story of humankind’s interconnectedness.

The project: Gerhard was part of a select group of Styria’s premier artists chosen to take part in this one-of-a-kind competitive project. Each artist was to create and realize an artistic design for a 16m2 advertising column in Graz’s City Park based on the project’s theme, Temporal Art.

The design: Gerhard tells the story of humanity, its creativity and its connectedness, using multiple dimensions to represent various interrelated aspects of civilization throughout time and space.

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