2004 - The Chocolate Show, New York City, USA

September 05th, 2006 • Permanent Link

November 10-15, 2004. “Sweetsculptures” was the only European exhibitor at the 7th Annual Chocolate Show in New York City, a three-day festival devoted entirely to the sweet, sensuous, creamy world of chocolate. The show surprised and delighted 30,000 chocolate lovers of all ages with chocolate tastings, leading chocolate makers and the world’s best in chocolate artistry.

Gerhard was pleased to join in the chocolate festival by presenting his own chocolate artwork. The crown jewel Gerhard presented at this largely American show was an abstract work using a variety of types of chocolate. Depicting Euro-American amicability, the piece was created in Europe using a sophisticated combination of creative and artisan techniques and flown to New York exclusively for the show. Visitors were delighted, amazed and very enthusiastic about Gerhard’s creations. The youngest known chocolate art fan waves his arms excitedly at one of Gerhard’s pictures.

Other highlights of the show included an extraordinary 6-foot Japanese chocolate pagoda, a self-serve chocolate fountain, “real” cocoa tasting and suppliers supporting sustainability, as well as high-quality chocolate products from around the world. Gerhard’s Tip: The prize-winning „Green Tea Ganache“ by Mary’s of Tokyo.

All in all, the Chocolate Show was a true event for the senses for exhibitors and visitors alike. Gerhard enjoyed the show immensely. His promise for the New York Chocolate Show: “I’ll be back!”

New York Chocolate Show: