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Here I’d like to present a few of the show pieces I’ve created over the years. Each piece was created for a special event, alongside daily production or during my free time. Many of them were created for prominent guests such as Princess Diana, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline of Monaco, Formula 1 Racing Driver Pablo Montoya, Prince Ernst von Hannover, Michael Jackson, sheiks, billionaires, and other influential people from all over the world.

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2007 - The Chocolate Woman - Galileo - PRO7, Germany

August 24th, 2007

German television station PRO7 presented Gerhard with an exciting challenge when they requested that he carve a life-size woman from a massive block of chocolate within 48 hours – in front of rolling cameras. The producers asked – is it doable? Gerhard took the challenge on and got to work …

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2004 - Chocolate advertising column - Background Information

August 28th, 2006

Because the material used to create the project – chocolate – was exposed to extremes in both temperature and humidity, the crystallization process was greatly accelerated. This becomes visible in the light brown spots on the surface of the chocolate. In the culinary world, we say the chocolate has become “grey”.

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