Show Pieces, Sculptures and Special Orders

Here I’d like to present a few of the show pieces I’ve created over the years. Each piece was created for a special event, alongside daily production or during my free time. Many of them were created for prominent guests such as Princess Diana, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline of Monaco, Formula 1 Racing Driver Pablo Montoya, Prince Ernst von Hannover, Michael Jackson, sheiks, billionaires, and other influential people from all over the world.

Each sculpture is a representation of the high standards of hotels they were created in, and show pieces are always appreciated by the guests and management. The creativity and quality of a Pastry Chef’s are critical characteristics in determining whether a Pastry Chef is suitable for representing a distinguished hotel in public.

It’s hard to believe how many pieces a Pastry Chef collects over time. I recommend taking pictures of every finished sculpture, as it makes it easier to analyze your creative and technical development over time.

Many of these photos were taken before the days of digital cameras, so the mediocre image quality may bring a smile to your face. However, don’t let yourself be distracted from what’s important: the quality of the work and the measurement of professional improvement.

Cactus Sacher cake as earthball Marzipan Ferrari Alien Marzipan
Lifetree Hide and seek Sugarbird Virus Sugardome
Maria and Jesus Chinese Dragon Dragonhead Dragonclaws Dragonhead
Crazy Eggs Chocolate Wine Art 70th Birthday Atomic Chinese Temple
Sugarplatter Sunshine Indian Woman La Catedral de México Dancing Couple
Crocodile P Mrs Lee Rastaman Sugarfruits Chocolate Vase